Emily Sherman, New York City Based Graphic Designer

Emily Sherman, New York City based Graphic Designer /Advertisement Layout Artist.
The roots of her artwork go back to the sad moment when she was sixteen.

She experienced that her father got a life threatening condition and that he had a mere ten percent chance of living.

Fortunately, his surgery was successful and everything went back to normal except her feeling.

She felt extreme anxious for not having control over the situation that just occurred and not being able to control the

lives of my loved ones. She thought she had nowhere to channel those concerns.

However, She found where she could express those feelings when she entered her high school art program.

She got many art tasks and became not to have time to feel sad.

Also she understood her sad feelings would channel into the work and the context of those images would transgress into her emotions.

That was the moment she accepted the dark part of herself and being an obsessive dreamer who suffers from perfectionism and self-criticism. Now she thinks that acceptance allowed her to heal and love herself. 💓

Also This is why her illustration has and will always be personal although she works as a graphic designer and advertising layout artist.

Do you have places or mediums to express your true feeling like she does? 🙂

It was very beautiful story… 🙂 ✨


She will hold her artwork gallery in Long Island in May, 2016.

It will showcase her older works, doll photo works, and current works. Come visit her👍💕

More info ☞ http://emilyrosesherman.wix.com/emirose



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