Why we made SnowSugar Video

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While Yukiko Sato was selling TESAGE at high-end craft shows in NYC, most of the Craft Artists are struggle to make sales as used be, and hard time to sell online without online marketing skills proofread service here. According to the CODA Review 2011, average net annual income was $13K-32K.

The Craft Artists needed to make more sales online but don’t know how lean approach to do it.

If they focus on online marketing, can’t focus on creation.

We wanted to create a way

Why we make SnowSugar Video App

Video making is time consuming, high creative skill needed and expensive.

Video Marketing is relevant marketing to make purchasingfree plagiarism checker online for teachers decision.

: : Our VISION : :

SnowSugar Video offer quality life with Art & Videos

:: Our MISSION ::

Passion to support craft economy 

SnowSugar Video creates Video Story behind the craft 

We believe that Video Story is the most powerful marketing tool to reach people’s heart.

SnowSugar Video came on this planet on October 2015.  based in LIC (Long Island City) Queens,  New York.

We focus on featuring Craft designers and Micro business.

 :: Our TEAM ::

Yukiko – Founder CEO

Asaka – Graphic Designer

Rumi – Content Marketer

:: Our VALUE :: 

SSV value

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